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Streams to Rivers Conference

Streams to Rivers Conference

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Stream to Rivers Conference 2022 - R300.00
Streams To Rivers 1 - Pastor John Wasserman
Really amazing things happen when a person’s spirit is revived. In revival we see enemies like sickness and poverty fleeing, never to return. It is a place where nothing can come against us to destroy, and where we will not be taken down, since the Church of Jesus Christ is indestructible and will prevail even in the gates of hell. God is graciously good to us, revealing his glory and as our father He shares His glory with us, resulting in us being one with Him as well as with one another. Seeing the glory of God in the face of Christ, we are being transformed from glory to glory. This glory is being manifested, not only in us, but also through us when we lay hands upon people and miracles happen. We are in a place of ever-increasing, abundant, broad rivers and streams, a place of pure blessing, righteousness, and peace, where no enemy can enter. We are the planting or garden of God, the oaks of righteousness, planted by the rivers of living water. Here we are cared and provided for by God through the outpouring of his Spirit, receiving prosperity, authority, the oil of gladness, and having the water of healing and enthusiastic praise poured upon us. There is no reason for us to be thirsty, we can drink at any time until we overflow. This overflow even goes onto our descendants. It makes each one of us a refuge for others. We will take revenge on the enemy by taking back that which had been stolen from us by him through the authority in the anointing. Let us pray that our hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit be increased – there is a world out there which needs the overflow of God coming from us.
Streams To Rivers 2  Pastor John Wasserman
Throughout history, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as God’s movement in- among- through- and out of his people are pictured in Scripture as a flowing river. This flowing of God through them should be normal in the life of every Christian. The river brings life and vitality to us since we are the planting of the Lord. When we are filled with Him, He will also flow out of us as rivers of living water. The water flowing to and through us, causes us to bear fruit (food) and gives us leaves (hands of healing) for others and thus we are the suppliers of new fruits and fresh supplies of Christ, or his life, to those around us. What happened to Israel when they left Egypt is symbolic of what Jesus did for us. The river of life started to flow towards all of humanity on the cross. When Jesus’ heart was pierced, water and blood flowed out. The blood was toward our salvation and re-generation, and the flow of water (symbolic of the Spirit) indicated that the Spirit will flow wherever the blood first has cleansed. Jesus first revealed this living water to the woman at the well in Samaria because of her thirst. Jesus is the river, and drinking from him, his life, is not something intangible or abstract but it is a relationship with him, believing in him and becoming part of his heart and character. For the world to be touched by God, we, by believing, being thirsty and drinking of Christ, will be God’s conduits. We need to humbly recognize our own poverty of spirit without him and deeply drink of him to flow forth with his power. Pursuing Jesus is what is important because He is the source of everything in God.
Principles of Access - Pastor Helen Cannon
Streams to Rivers Conference 2022 - Session 1
To possess the promises of God, there are principles of access. Number one is holding on to your dreams and to keep believing that God can quicken and resurrect them when you have become tired of waiting and that He will become involved in the fulfilment thereof. Number two is that God wants us to activate our imagination, keeping our hearts soft and focused on Him and envisioning what He wants to do. Number three is owning and believing the confirmed promises that God gave you. The confirmation of God’s dream for us will come through the Word and a trusting relationship with Him. Number four is to obey God and do the hard thing that He is laying on your heart and get into the river of His abilities and provision instead of looking at yourself and your inability, hiding behind your fear, past, and/or insecurities. God cares for every area of our lives, and He wants us to step out in faith, and trust in his faithfulness. He wants us to dream, dare to imagine the impossible, stand on his word, and trustingly obey Him.

Treasure of Darkness - Pastor John Wasserman
Streams to Rivers Conference 2022 - Session 2
In the time of the Old Testament and the Law drought was the punishment for sin but when Jesus died on the cross, He opened up the floods to continuously flow towards the people of God and we are now living in the time of rains and floods. This is the time of the entrance of the new wherein we are operating in greater power, anointing, and flow of the Holy Spirit. Those who meditate upon His word are like trees planted by the living water flowing from the throne of God. God is restoring us, his garden, the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendour. He is also restoring the authority, which was lost in the garden of Eden, to His sons and daughters. God is working with intentionality towards a purpose, and we need to stir up and revive the flame within us, to drink from Him, to keep in step with what He is doing. We need to take a hold of the new, to prophesy as sons and daughters of the King. God is opening healing wells in and through His Church and God’s glory shall be revealed through us.
From Streams To Rivers Supernaturally - Prophet Bobby Leger
Streams to Rivers Conference 2022 - Session 3
God exists in eternity. When we repent of our sins, God forgives and is able to go back in eternity to the place you were before you sinned and that is why to Him it is it as if you have never sinned. When Adam fell into sin, God had to create time so that Adam would not be eternally sinful, and that the fullness of time Christ could come and bring eternal righteousness. Even as God reached out in the beginning and drew the earth to Him to reform it, He also reaches out to us to bring us to a place of re-birth. When God drew earth towards Him, it was empty and void and in the same way many people have come to God, and are serving Him, but they are empty and void – without power. It is essential to get filled with the Holy Ghost, and the proof of being full, and that God is with you, is when the streams of living water flowing out of you supernaturally affect the people around you. The earth was also dark, and even so many people are without vision, but light always overcomes darkness. God moved the earth into a place of peace and rest, and we should rest in what Jesus did for us on the cross as well as that which He calls us to do. This is the place of increase, overflow, quick fulfilment of promises and permanent, increasing fruit. We need to be flooded by the supernatural river that is flowing from a high place to be able to flow out to those around us.
The Five Commands of God - Prophet Bobby Leger
Streams to Rivers Conference 2022 - Session 4
We have been blessed by God, made holy, blameless, and fruitful, even before we were clothed in flesh. We were enabled to move in supernatural power and thereby giving glory unto God. God spoke His word of sonship over us, which word will not return to Him void. Learning through whatever we are experiencing in life, we are called to thereby bear spiritual fruit. We are to multiply this fruit, imparting that to others, instead of being thorns and imparting chaos. We are to constantly refill and replenish ourselves through for example worship, and to know that we have the authority through the Holy Spirit to subdue and bring under control whatever is trying to control us. God has given us dominion to rule and remove whatever is not supposed to be in our lives and the world. The anointing is that which breaks the yoke every time.
Brought by Prophet Bobby Leger

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